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The Cofata Difficulty Scale

Our motto is ‘marksmanship challenge,’ rather than challenges, because each product we create is part of the Cofata challenge. All Cofata targets feature a difficulty scale that are based on several factors inspiring their design.

Factors considered for a target’s difficulty include: 


  • visibility for hit verification

  • average placement down range

  • complexity of the target's visual design


All wood knockout targets have the same size tabs (except for the Impossible Knockout). The challenge is that tabs are designed to be approximately that same size as a .22LR bullet. Hit all of the tabs to clear out the design on each target.

Tic-tac-toe target with an X and O in each zone

Level 1


Targets at the lowest difficulty have large bullseyes/target areas or are games, such as tic-tac-toe. There are no obscurities to shot identification on targets at level 1.

Level 2


A rigorous challenge for novices that can be a fun challenge for those new to the shooting sport. Level 2 knockout targets have minimal rings for the greatest visibility of shot identification.

Target made out of wood with five stars that each have five knockout tabs
Target made of wood with three rows of ducks facing different directions with five knockout tabs for each duck

Level 3


Move your way up to a challenging opportunity for all skill levels. These products are intended to be an ideal way of practicing marksmanship fundamentals. An increased number of rings reduces the ease of hit verification alongside the introduction of some visual complexity.

Level 4


Ideal for the advanced marksman that wishes to test their skills with targets that will have limited or shrinking visibility for hit verification on misses. As you clear the target, identifying missed shots will become more challenging. All rings and tabs are the same size, but the increased visual complexity adds difficulty to your focus on fundamentals.

Target with ten bowling pins that have six tabs for each pin
Bullseye knockout target with nine rings and tabs that change size from the inside ring out to the last ring.

Level 5


A test of your patience, sanity, and commitment. These targets have a high tab count, reduced visibility for hit verification, and are visually distracting to challenge your focus. These targets will have varied sizes for rings and tabs to increase the difficulty as you clear out each knockout.

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