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County Fair Targets

Who, or better yet, what is Cofata? Cofata the “name” is just a made up word from County Fair Targets. The idea is to embrace the concept of the old fair game where you would shoot out a star to win a prize. We are a veteran owned business and want to bring the joy of shooting that has been a passion since childhood to other shooters and their children. 


As the owner of Cofata, I tell stories about learning to shoot when I was 8-years old by laying on a hill and shooting at aluminum pie pans with a Winchester model 250 lever action that was left to me by my grandfather. The pie pans were the old school versions with the reinforcement circles in them that made for great bullseyes. I spent hours learning to shoot as accurately as possible with no one providing any training. It was for the joy and to see my skills increase, plus that sound of the bullet hitting aluminum didn’t hurt. After joining the Army, those basic skills matched with proper Army training and I discovered that I am pretty good with firearms. My passion has continued to grow and I have been an avid shooter ever since.


The thing that we realize here at Cofata is that training can be a bit boring, especially for kids. If you can use our targets to make training fun, then you will forget you are training and you will become a better shooter simply from having fun. We have a wide variety of targets that should pique the interest of first time shooters up to people that have been training for years, and continue to train regularly. 


We love the concept of “Aim Small, Miss Small” that was made famous in the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. The movie's technical advisor Mark Baker instilled that mentality into the actors when they were learning to shoot muzzleloaders for their parts in the movie. With our targets, especially the KO (Knockout) targets, you will be learning “aim small, miss small” at a level you would never have imagined before. You will definitely have a ton of fun at the same time!


We have targets that are a blast to shoot alone or as a challenge with friends. Our staff and friends have done thorough testing to ensure your shooting experience will be a good one, plus we love the bragging rights that come after a test session. Our group is VERY competitive so when we do testing we take it very seriously. 


Here at COFATA we see and understand the need to not only expose gun owners to the fundamental disciplines of weapons handling, but also teach the importance of ammo management. Strong fundamentals will make shooters of all ages more accurate with a new excitement for the next day at the range.


Our commitment to you is that we constantly strive to bring you a quality product. This means that we regularly test new materials to ensure that each target has the best cuts and line work.

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