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Feedback and reactive targets re-imagined.

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Our Mission

COFATA, County Fair Targets, aims to reimagine reactive targets through the creation of unique marksmanship challenges. You can buy traditional silhouette, gong, spring loaded targets, paper targets, and more from a number of companies competing to sell you the same ole boring targets. Our targets offer a chance to revisit the thrill of going to the fair at the range. Based out of Metro Atlanta, our mission is to provide a new way to enjoy your trip to the range. Our first target ideas came from wanting reactive steel targets that could function as games for practicing. The philosophy is that if you are having fun practicing, then you’re more likely to have a good, and productive, day at the range.


We trust that you will have as much fun with our targets as we do. 

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Graphic of Cofata mascot bullet giving the finger gun gesture
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